Integrated Support Personnel provides specialist support staff to disability, youth, and aged care services. We are run by people with a combined 33 years of experience in the welfare sector.

Our agency offers around the clock staffing supports with a dedicated team of staff available to deliver emergency assistance.

Our innovative and comprehensive recruitment processes guarantee that our employees have the necessary registrations, training, qualifications, and experience required to excel in their division, and our team members are committed to providing support of the highest quality on each placement.

We rigorously check that every Integrated Support Personnel employee meets the Australian national standards, as outlined by Department of Health and Human Services Standards (Victoria).

Furthermore, we conduct a comprehensive and meticulous analysis of everyone’s personal attributes. This enables us to ensure that each employee is perfectly suited for their role and is appropriately equipped to manage the challenges they may face throughout their career in community services.

Integrated Support Personnel is registered with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). We are National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) ready, quality certified, and are ready to deliver specialist support now.


"Reliability, resilience and readiness are at the heart of our services." - Maria Antoniou, Managing Director, ISP.

For more information about Integrated Support Personnel, please visit our Contact page.